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When we built, we always had agencies in mind. We wanted to enable them to support all their clients with a meaningful service at a fraction of the price of other tools. After talking to almost 70 agencies, we came up with the perfect set of functionalities.

Service for agencies offers a variety of features that make the service particularly valuable. Especially because it already has the appropriate checks for all the standard errors that occur on websites and in e-commerce.

  • Sales protection - Almost unbeatable as a sales argument. Should sales collapse, alerts the agency, which can then heroically contact the customer. Or the alert goes directly to the customer so that no unnecessary time is wasted.

  • Uptime Monitoring - Can the website be reached? We alert immediately when servers are down or application errors occur.

  • Content Hygiene - Many problems that occur are caused by the customer. Too big images, wrong prices, dead links, missing graphics. All this finds and sends weekly or daily reports.

  • Maintain quality standards - When a project, such as an online store or corporate website is completed, it passes into the hands of the client. At this point, it is usually perfectly optimized by the agency and error-free. can be used to maintain exactly this high standard in the long run.

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Model for agencies

Even though always offers the same service for agencies and end customers, it is integrated quite differently in the maintenance contracts. Here we want to mention some possible combination used by our agency customers:


The easiest way to position with the client is to recommend the tool to him. The client creates an account and invites the agency. Done.

  • pro: Accounts and payment are up to the customer. No additional effort on the agency's part.
  • pro: Customer loyalty is extended
  • pro: very transparent
  • contra: service is difficult to resell with (greater) profit
  • contra: customer does not necessarily need the agency
  • contra: work for the customer

Maintenance and setup

Similar to the recommendation to the customer, except that the agency takes care of the rental of the service. We even recommend here not to pass the cost to the client and declare it as an included agency service. The customer will be pleasantly surprised by the addition, and the agency should not be hurt by the 10 EUR per month.

  • pro: great service for the agency client
  • pro: very transparent
  • pro: Customer loyalty is extended
  • pro: Problems found can generate follow-up orders
  • contra: Service can be difficult to resell at (greater) profit

Maintenance contract

For larger agencies we recommend a professional maintenance contract around So you don't sell our service, but that all-round carefree package. If a bug is found, it will be fixed right away. So you make sure that the customer's business continues undisturbed without having to worry about sleepless nights. The customer should not care which tools are used to achieve this.

So what you are selling here is not the service of a SaaS solution, but much more. But this may then also be reflected in the price. As far as the prices for the end customer are concerned, this varies greatly from agency to agency. Here we find monthly fees in the low three-digit range, but also four-digit amounts for large customers/projects are not uncommon.

  • pro: great service for the agency client
  • pro: Customer loyalty is extended
  • pro: Can be generated with other services
  • pro: very high profit margin
  • contra: not very transparent
  • contra: not applicable to every customer

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All three options for agencies have their own charm. For smaller agencies, we recommend the first two approaches, as they come with little extra work and can be done easily. For larger agencies, it should be the large maintenance contract, which is supported with, but not limited to it.