360° e-commerce and website monitoring

Secure sales.
Avoid mistakes.

Secure your online store and website against problems. Collapsing sales, technical errors, bad SEO and much more. Only 10 EUR per month.

No unnoticed
drops in sales.

Continuously review key business metrics. Sales, new registrations, open shopping carts and more.

No unnoticed

No matter if inaccessible websites, browser errors, too large images or bad performance, with us you have everything in view.

online stores and websites

koality.io was designed to monitor all important properties across the board. Instead of many individual services, we offer everything from a single source.


Easy to get started. Professional knowledge up your sleeve.

Our monitoring service is designed to check entire online stores and websites within minutes. This does not require any programming/modification of the site or technical expertise. Additionally, experts and those who want to become experts will find all the necessary detailed information needed to create a better website.

Works together with the most popular content management systems

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring

koality.io checks the most important page classes of a web project for accessibility every five minutes. In addition, a major analysis is performed every hour in the areas of SEO, performance, security and content.

Our features in detail

Continuous monitoring

24/7 monitoring. Every 5 minutes, all important pages are checked for errors.

Find all errors by crawling

Check not only the most important pages, but all of them.

Business-critical figures at a glance

Technical SEO characteristics permanently checked to make sure rankings won't be affected.

Alert as soon as it happens

As soon as koality.io finds an error, all involved persons are informed.

Scoring & best practice

Classification of results and help, rather than pure technical facts.

Cooperation with team and agency

Invite your agency and the entire team to analyze the data together.