Nils Langner

Nils has been an integral part of the web development scene for over a decade. In 2017 he founded Leankoala and then in 2020 In our magazine he takes care of all topics concerning agency life, technology and monitoring.

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Website Monitoring Magazin

Which errors can lead to problems on websites? We distinguish between technical and editorial errors.

WooCommerce and are getting closer and closer. Now we need agencies to help us build the best monitoring for WooCommerce.

Should I monitor my server? And what is the difference between the two?

We are called, but why actually? The story starts in 2010.

The Internet, browsers and web servers are often unpredictable. Monitoring services must adapt to this. supports shops, corporate websites, magazine, blogs and much more. But we do something different when it comes to the setup.

Again and again we are asked how "other agencies" use us. We have summarized this.

If you want to try out Shopware or simply set up a development environment, you should do so with Docker.

Missing images and files happen. We will find the errors so that you can fix them.