Searching for missing images

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Who doesn't know it? At some point you have uploaded images to your store, blog or corporate website. Then some time has passed. Now you want to read an old article again or look at the press releases and notice that the images are no longer there.

There are many reasons why this can happen. A badly run relaunch of the site, the server move that took over the rights to the files wrong, the images are from another domain and there they were deleted and and and. It just happens over time.

Now, of course, you can go through the most important pages in your web project and check if everything is where it should be. Or you can book koality.io and have it done automatically.

Search for missing files

Monitoring by koality.io always includes standard crawls, which are useful for all web projects. With the current version we now add a new crawl. We find files that the browser tries to load, but which do not exist or are not accessible. Even though we always write about images, the crawler also finds JavaScript or CSS files that cause problems.

As always, we use an up-to-date Chrome browser for the crawl, so we go to the page like a real user would and find the same errors.


After clicking the start button, 500 URLs of a web page are crawled. As always, we do this very gently, with as few simultaneous calls as possible. That's the reason why it can take a little longer. But since it runs in the background and you get an email when it's done, this is not a problem.

It's nice that you are reading our magazine. But what would be even nicer is if you tried our service. koality.io offers extensive Website monitoring especially for web projects. Uptime, performance, SEO, security, content and tech.

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