Your Business and our Monitoring. Unbeatable.

Users who have confidence in you and are happy are loyal customers and ensure sales. For this reason offers a comprehensive website monitoring service that helps to establish monitoring at all levels and to detect errors before the user notices them.

Monitoring on all levels


Thanks to the continuous availability monitoring, no shop owner will notice on Monday that the store was not available over the weekend.

Web projects are becoming more and more complex and therefore more error-prone. checks every five minutes whether all important pages of a project are still responding.


Better sales figures and happier users thanks to continuous performance analysis. analyzes the performance of the website every hour, examining server speeds, browser load times, page sizes and the important Google Lighthouse score for performance.

Search Engine Optimization

It is essential to be found with the help of search engines nowadays. ensures this.

To index the website for search engines some important, basic characteristics have to be fulfilled. Among other things, checks the sitemap for validity, mobile suitability, and the Google Lighthouse value for SEO.


A website may never be perceived as unsafe. checks this from a technical point of view.

Expired certificates, insecure elements and too many cookies (DSGVO) will be recognized by promptly.

Technical Details

Broken workflows in e-commerce or other web projects are often triggered by technical errors. ensures that no JavaScript errors are triggered by internal or external scripts.

Editorial Errors

Links that lead to nothing or integrated images that no longer exist belong to the past. continuously checks all important pages for dead links and faulty images.

Supported by

Very simple to set up

In record time, projects are set up with just a few clicks due to the high degree of automation.

Project Management View

For an overview of all projects, offers a well-organized view that shows at first sight in which area of the respective projects there is a need for action and optimization.


By scoring points with, you can quickly see whether there is a need for optimization in the areas of accessibility, performance, SEO, content, technology or security. The scoring is also weighted so that more critical errors count much more than uncritical ones.

E-mail and messenger alerting

No breakdown of a web project goes unnoticed. You can set up the alerting according to your needs. In this way, alarms can be sent by e-mail (or others) immediately in the case of critical errors, and hourly or daily in the case of less crucial issues.

Incidents Overview

All the latest information on errors and problems are listed in the Incidents Overview and can quickly be solved. The classification into critical, moderate and uncritical problems supports the prioritization of solutions.


The crawler scans all pages of a project and offers the possibility to test for specified properties.


In addition to the extensive basic package, we offer extensions in our marketplace. These offer, for example, integration into store systems or agency features.