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After we recently published our Shopware 6 Plugin, we are now following up. Namely with a plugin for version 5. Why? Because the demand was immense and still many stores are based on the old mature version.

But why a plugin at all? offers from all areas, which one needs for the success of an online store the suitable tests and monitoring. Quite simply offers the perfect outside view of a store: Uptime, performance, SEO, security and content. But what it can't do without plugins is the inside view. So how successful is the store actually? Are enough products being sold or do we have a problem here? Since we are committed to offer a 360° monitoring, we have now delivered this interior view.


Our Shopware 5 Business Monitoring Plugin is continuously being expanded, but already offers many important features in the current version.

Number of sales per hour

This is the metric that is most important for almost all online stores, as it defines the sales. How many products have I sold in the last hour? In combination with uptime-monitoring, which offers out of the box, mon has already caught the worst case scenario via these two checks. A monetary outage that goes unnoticed. For example, on a weekend.


Especially when monitoring sales through are the time intervals. Here we distinguish between the main sales time and the normal times. For both of them you can set separate thresholds and thus greatly improve the accuracy of the test.

Active products

Active products, are those that a customer can potentially buy. The shop's own range of products is usually of a similar size. Therefore, if the number of products in the store drops sharply, you can be sure that something unexpected has happened. In many cases, the data import from another system has not gone through without errors and not all products have been transferred cleanly. Since this happens more often than one would like, this check can save a lot of sales.

Products without images

This is another case for the import. Actually, in a cleanly maintained online store, all products should have images. If this is not the case, fails thanks to the Shopware plugin. Of course, this can configure the maximum number of products without images.

Outdated plugins

Most attacks on online stores by hackers happen via outdated software. This can be the Shopware store itself, but also outdated plugins that you forgot to update. immediately informs as soon as too many plugins need an update and thus prevents large security breaches.


How to install our Shopware plugin you can find in our service area. There everything is explained step by step, so that you can use it quickly even without technical knowledge.

Open Source

We deliberately decided to release the plugin as open source, because we believe that it is important that everyone can use the plugin as a basis to add the metrics that are important for themselves and, if necessary, also share it with the community afterwards.

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