Shopware 6 Business Monitoring Plugin

Website Monitoring Magazine was developed to capture all important data from the user's and/or browser's point of view, to collect and analyze it and to alert in case of problems. This "outside view" helps to find errors and optimize an online store. Very efficiently and with little setup effort. To complement this approach, provides a variety of plugins. These are designed to take the business or internal view of an online store into the monitoring. These are, for example, the sales made or the newsletter sign-ups. The goal is to alert in case of a drop in these values as well, so that no failure goes unnoticed anymore.


The Shopware 6 Business Monitoring plugin already offers a lot of metrics and KPIs that help to run your online store smoothly. Additionally, the plugin is continuously developed by the team. The current features include:

Number of sales per hour

Probably the most important KPI in e-commerce is the sales that are made. With our Shopware 6 plugin, we continuously measure the number of sales within the last hour. In doing so, we distinguish between two times. Peak and off-peak hours. As soon as the number of sales falls below a critical value, an alarm is immediately sent. We can ensure that problems in the store are found as quickly as possible and that sales drops are only present for a very short time.

Activated products

Often product data is generated in an online store by importing it from other systems. In case something goes wrong within this process, products might be missing. If it is not all of them that have been removed from the store at once, this does not have to be noticed immediately. Our Shopware plugin continuously monitors the number of activated products in the store and alerts as soon as it falls below a critical threshold. This way, we can find the most critical import errors in a matter of moments.

Outdated plugins

Significant security vulnerabilities within online stores are generated due to outdated plugins and store versions. Our plugin therefore alarms as soon as a certain number of plugins is outdated.

New newsletter signups last 24 hours

Newsletters are still one of the strongest marketing channels in e-commerce. So it is important to have an eye on the number of new newsletter signups. We have chosen the last 24 hours as the measurement period.

Open shopping carts (beta)

This business metric is still in beta status. Not because it does not provide correct values, but because we are still rethinking how meaningful the number is. In principle, measures the number of open shopping carts. The theory behind this is that an open cart that doesn't convert into a purchase, can be a potential problem. As we all know, however, this number can be influenced by a lot of factors: Campaigns you are running, number of visitors in general, mentions on other sites or price promotions. Everything can have an impact. So this is a metric we are trying out.


How to install our Shopware plugin can be found in our service area. There everything is explained step by step, so that you can use it quickly even without technical knowledge.

Open Source

We have deliberately decided to release the plugin as open source. We believe it is important that anybody can use the plugin as a basis to add the metrics that are important to them and, if necessary, share them with the community afterwards.

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