Installing the Shopware 6 Business Monitoring Plugin

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The installation of the Shopware 6 Business Monitoring Plugin can be done through several mechanisms. In this article, we will describe the most common ones.

Shopware Marketplace

Our plugin is listed in the official Shopware Store and can be installed from there. How to install a Shopware plugin is described in the Shopware documentation.

Upload plugin

Shopware offers the possibility to upload plugins easily. This can also be done with our extension. First of all, the latest version ( of the plugin must be downloaded from GitHub this is located behind the following link:

If the file is then locally on the computer, it can be easily imported into the store. To do this, go to the admin area there under Settings / System / Plugins.


There you will find the button upload plugin. Just click and select the plugin file you downloaded earlier and upload it. Now the plugin should appear in the list. Still, briefly click install and you are done.


After the plugin has been successfully installed, a configuration option will appear in the menu. Click there and land in the configuration menu. API key

The API key specified here must be entered into to allow the monitoring system to fetch the data at five-minute intervals.


The threshold values that must be stored for the plugin depend on your store. As a store operator, however, you should be able to enter them without any problems.


Anomalies that are found via the Shopware extension are considered critical. This should be considered when setting the alerts.