Send alerts via Slack and Microsoft Teams

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E-mail is still one of the most widely used means of communication between external partners. For internal communication, however, messenger services like Slack and Microsoft Teams have caught up tremendously. This is the reason why koality.io also supports them from now on.


We want to try to keep the backend of koality.io as clean as possible. Therefore we decided to move all features that are not used by all customers to the Marketplace. There you can activate and use them. Free of charge, of course.


Both our Slack and MS Teams extensions work via webhooks provided through the respective service. We have linked detailed instructions in the product. Once activated, the plugin will appear under 'Settings > Alerting'. There you can add a new channel.

We recommend to always create two channels for alerting via Slack and MS Teams. One channel is used to receive critical errors. The other for light and moderate issues. There is a simple reason for this separation. We don't want problems to appear when many small, perhaps unimportant errors occur, and they are rendered unrecognizable. The whole system is called "alarm fatique" in technical language. But if we separate these faults, we can be sure that we always have the critical faults under control.

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