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In our current release of koality.io we have introduced a new feature. We consider it so relevant that we want to launch version 3.0 with it. It is the marketplace.

The koality.io marketplace

But what exactly is the idea behind the marketplace? We want to greatly expand the scope of koality.io over the next few years. This means, for example, that we will develop a plugin for every common store system and CMS, so that you can add important tool or business metrics to our service. We also have a lot of plans for alerting. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webhook - is all in the planning.

The marketplace will then be the place where people can find out about all the features that have already been implemented and activate them. In addition, we will also post beta versions there and also publish ideas that we want to implement. So the marketplace will show both vision and scope. We are sure that this will be a very great addition to our popular monitoring tool.


Why not include everything in the base package?

Reading the list of planned features like this, the techies among us will immediately think "Yes, I want all of that!". So why not include all the features right in the base package and unlock them for everyone?

When we designed koality.io, we had a vision. It should be easy to use and not overwhelm users. Unlike Leankoala, our enterprise service, we didn't want to make the interface too complex and only display things that people use in everyday use.

Our favorite example is alerts. Sure you could display Slack, Microsoft Team or Webhooks to every user, but most of the time you only use exactly one of them or possibly no channel at all because email alerting is completely sufficient. The workflow in the backend will then be such that all customers can set alerts via email. If you want Slack, you go to the Marketplace, activate the feature and immediately there is a new button "Slack alerting" in the alert settings. That's it. One more click, but a minimal interface for other users that doesn't distract with too many unused features.

What do the additional features cost?

Even though it's called Marketplace, most of the features there will be free. As a principle we have written on the flag: "everything that does not produce additional costs for us, should not generate new costs for the customer". We think that's fair.

Can I also build features?

We are very proud to have designed the marketplace and the features in such a way that we can also give external developers the opportunity to build plugins and place them in our marketplace. For example, you could build the perfect Drupal plugin that alerts you of heavy server load. And then sell it or give it away. If you have an idea, you can contact us at marketplace@koality.io.

What features are planned?

Quite a lot is planned. In the first step, however, we want to focus on the features that are exciting for e-commerce and those that we already have up our sleeve through Leankoala anyway. These are among others:

  • Shopware Server Plugin: Is the disk too full? CPUs maxed out or memory maxed out? We alert.
  • Magento Business and Server Plugin: Sales figures and server utilization in monitoring.
  • WooCommerce Business and Server Plugin: The same as Magento.
  • Accessibility: Already in the works and available as a beta version. We can check your store and websites according to the WCAG standard.
  • Alerting via Slack: Same as email, but via Slack. We believe this will allow us to better support standard workflows with development teams.
  • Alerting via Microsoft Teams: Same as Slack, but for MS Teams.
  • Alerting via Webhooks: Technical endpoints or custom alerts can be easily implemented via webhooks. We support.
  • Grafana Data Source: Visualize our data in Grafana and unify it with other sources.
  • Deployment Hooks: Every time I deploy, we immediately check your site.

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