Our project types and the idea behind them

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koality.io tries to support and monitor all types of projects on the web. This can be online stores, company sites, magazines or blogs. For everything we have particularly relevant checks on offer.

When you set up a normal project with us, we differ from other services. We provide (if you don't choose not to) the pages you need to deposit. We believe that this component approach works wonderfully.

The component approach

In monitoring and testing, we talk about equivalence classes. You can think of them as page types. Two pages belong to the same class or page type if they don't differ technically and only the editorial content is different. But why is this important?

When thinking about which pages to monitor, you should do so as broadly as possible to keep all possible problems in mind. Here it makes sense to take the page types (equivalence classes) at hand. Since pages of a type are quasi identical, one can assume that if one is broken, all are broken, and if one is working, all are working. This is an approximation that you have to make, because in an online store with 20,000 items, for example, you can't check all the products every minute. That's why you pick a particularly representative item and take that. This is then done for each class. Done is the close-meshed monitoring.

Project types in koality.io

This is exactly the idea koality.io follows. For this reason you have to specify the type when creating a new project. Here you can choose from the following types:

  • Online store
  • Company pages
  • Editorially maintained pages
  • blog
  • Single pages

The distinction here is important because all these project types bring different important page types. While in the online store a lot of emphasis is placed on the products, in the editorial environment perhaps the text article enjoys the highest priority.

koality.io has already stored different page types for the different projects, which the user can then fill very easily. We believe it makes setting up monitoring a website immensely easier if this is predefined. Often, as a non-technical person, it is not so easy to find the perfect set of URLs.

Additionally, the default page types allow us to find the pages automatically. Thanks to sophisticated algorithms we can set up entire projects in under a minute.

Custom projects

Of course, not all projects can be packed into such standard patterns. Even though we believe that this is true for 80% of the websites out there, we of course don't want to ignore the other 20%.

For this reason we decided to introduce an additional project type. The custom project. Here we do not specify anything and the user can freely choose up to 15 URLs to include in the monitoring. We recommend this mode to all those who have special non-standard projects or have already gained experience in monitoring. To all others

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