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We don't have time after all. In many agencies and with e-commerce humming, that's probably true. Nevertheless, you should make time for important things. For us, monitoring websites is one of them.

The problem is that setting up a clean QA and monitoring can take some time. koality.io was built with exactly this fact in mind. With the first version of our service, we managed to set up entire store systems in under five minutes. This already beats most of our competitors by a long way.

Now, however, we've beaten ourselves once again. We took a standard Shopify store. One that Shopify advertises on their website itself. And ... *drum roll* ... 39 seconds. If you don't believe it yourself, here's the video to go with it.

And now the resolution of why it's so fast from now on. We have a new feature: the Component Finder. It is able to analyze the page and already extract all standard URLs. Meanwhile, the system is so good that we find on average three quarters of the URLs automatically. If you use standard systems, like Shopware, Magento, Shopify or Shopware, the numbers are even better.

But what actually happens in those 39 seconds?

  • A new project is created. In this case, the monitoring for an online store
  • The alerting for the store is set up
  • 12 important URLs are added to the monitoring
  • 247 checks are set up, which are performed every 5 minutes or hourly

It's nice that you are reading our magazine. But what would be even nicer is if you tried our service. koality.io offers extensive Website monitoring especially for web projects. Uptime, performance, SEO, security, content and tech.

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In addition, we noticed that among our users the alert is always set very similarly. That is why we have also decided here to shorten the process a bit. When creating a project there is now the possibility to activate the default notification to be activated. This means that koality.io will always send an email alert as soon as a critical error occurs. Moderate and light errors are sent once a day. By using this default we can save a whole step when creating the project. Of course you still have the possibility to make your settings manually. This is valid for the alarming as well as for the list of the components to be monitored.

By the way, this feature was also part of our Vision 2021. It was faster after all.