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After koality.io already supports Shopware and Magento as store systems and thus monitors sales and other business metrics so that critical failures are no longer possible, koality.io starts the next round. We are currently preparing our monitoring tool for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Currently the plugin is in development, but can already be used as a bete version for free. This is also the reason for this article. We are looking for the first testers for our plugin and of course ideas how it can be used even better and more useful.

Agencies wanted

Who exactly are we looking for? First and foremost, WooCommerce agencies that support multiple stores. It does not matter whether it is in the large or small. The only important thing is that they have maintenance contracts with their customers and take care of the stores from a technical point of view.

The best is to contact us at woocommerce@leankoala.com or via Twitter and we will organize a small demo and spin new ideas together.

Thank you

As a thank you, you can of course use koality.io for one year for free in the agency package. Of course all updates for the WooCommerce plugin are included.

What we can already do

In principle, we can of course do everything that koality.io offers in the basic package. This includes, among other things:

  • Uptime Monitoring
  • performance monitoring
  • SEO monitoring
  • security monitoring
  • Content Monitoring

For WooCommerce in particular, we have already implemented the first piercing:

  • Connection to koality.io via IETF Health Check

  • Alerting in case of too few orders per hour

  • Distinction between "peak sales" and "off-peak sales

  • Privacy mode to decide whether to transfer privacy relevant metrics to koality or only transfer the result.

  • Alerting when too many plugins are outdated

  • Alerting when a security vulnerability is found in the installed WordPress version

Try it out

Since we always put our plugins under an open source license, you can already try out the WooCommerce integration in koality.io. Since the installation is still relatively technical at the moment, we recommend the beta phase mainly to digital agencies or freeleancers But tech-savvy store owners are also welcome.

  • GitHub - Our plugin can be easily downloaded on GitHub. The easiest way is to check it out on the Console with Git and then install and activate it in the WordPress backend.

  • Include plugin - Like most of our plugins, we use the IETF standard as exchange format, which we have enriched a bit. That's why it's enough here to activate the IETF plugin in the marketplace.

  • Enter URL - In the future the handling of the URL will be handled directly by the plugin, in the beta phase it has to be set up manually. The URL that needs to be monitored and stored in the IETF plugin always has the same pattern: https://www.yourdomain.com/wp-content/plugins/koality/health/business.php?apiKey=<apiKey>. You can find the API Key directly in WordPress on the koality plugin overview page. Enter this URL and you are done. After 5 minutes at the latest the first data will run in.

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