Version 6.1

Website Monitoring Magazine

Version 6.1 of brings many new customizations. We extended the dashboard, took special care of WordPress and implemented some UX improvements.

Dashboard 1.1

The dashboard got two new features, which should help to get all important information even faster and to move through the tool quickly.

The first new feature is that from now on we also show all sub-scores with in the dashboard. So you can see at a glance why a main score has a bad value without leaving the dashboard.

The second new feature is the linking of the score. Instead of always having to enter via the main page, we decided to link each score, and thus all sub-scores, to the respective detail page. This way it is easier to find the important information quickly.

WordPress and WooCommerce plugin

We know WordPress and WooCommerce. For us a huge step towards the international market and agency business. From now on all important metrics can be monitored.

Performance Rating 2.0

We made a small but nice adjustment in performance rating and here in particular in Google Lighthouse rating.

Prior to version 6.1, we were basing 1:1 on the Google Performance rating. This has led to many cases where the scores can not be led into the green area, as it is often very difficult to comply with Google guidelines.

In the current version, we no longer output the actual Google Lighthouse Score, but the percentage achievement of the desired value. In the default setting for new projects, we decided to choose 75 as the desired Lighthouse Score. However, this value can now be adjusted via Settings on the Performance Details page.

In concrete terms, this means that a Lighthouse Performance Score of 75 now means a koality score of 100, since 100% of the desired 75 Google points have been achieved. If you want to restore the "old" behavior, all you have to do is set the threshold in to 100.

Update Lighthouse 8.2

In addition to the new performance rating, we have updated the Lighthouse tool on our servers to the latest version 8.2. This means that the measured values may change slightly.