Installing the WordPress and WooCommerce Monitoring Plugin

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To install the plugin, you just need to search for the plugin in the Plugins section of the WordPress backend. After that WordPress will install it automatically.

More information can be found on at the plugin page. API key

After the plugin has been successfully installed, a new item will appear in the '' menu. Click there and land in the configuration main menu.

At this place you will find the API key which is necessary for the plugin. Copy it to the clipboard.

Now you need to go to the backend. Select the project for which you want to activate the plugin and go to the Marketplace via Tools.

Here you have to activate the "WordPress & WooCommerce Monitoring" plugin. After that, a new item "WooCommerce Business" appears in the left menu. Change there and click on 'Settings'. Here you can now copy the API key from the clipboard.

Now it takes up to 5 minutes until the first data enters


The configuration of the measured data is done via the WordPress backend. Here, under the menu entries "WooCommerce Monitoring", "System Monitoring" and "Security Monitoring", you will find the appropriate forms.


Anomalies found via the WordPress extension are considered critical. This should be considered when setting the alerts.