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The Team Koala Joins the WebPros Family

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Drum roll. Glass in hand. Let’s celebrate: Leankoala and koality.io have found a new home and are now part of the WebPros family, which already includes other top members such as Plesk, cPanel, XOVI, NixStats, SolusVM, and WHMCS - hooray!

Taking Our Business to the Next Level

Four years ago, the Leankoala team started with the mission to become the best monitoring and testing service for agencies, publishers and website owners. And after all these years, we can proudly say that we have achieved even more than that. However, we were not quite yet. Because what's missing when you have the "perfect" product ready? That’s correct, the reach.

After covering the German market successfully, it became time to move one step beyond and conquer new markets. And of course, that works much better with a strong partner on our side, which we started looking for at the end of 2020. As a result, we not only found a partner, but the best family we could ever ask for: the WebPros team.

And with a great family comes a great home. So, with that said, we are pleased to announce that Leankoala and koality.io are now officially part of the WebPros group, the leading global SaaS platform for server management that comprises of cPanel, Plesk, XOVI, and NixStats, among others.

Future Plans - What’s Next?

So, you may be wondering what all of this means. Well, it’s pretty simple. Everything will stay the same for the time being, and the team behind Leankoala and koality.io as well as their products, will remain as they are for now, doing what they are supposed to do. But with the main difference that now we’ll have the opportunity to gain in scale and growth. And all together, we’ll continue to thrive and become even more successful surrounded by a broader community.

To all of you who will be joining the path with us from now on, we want to let you know that these are exciting times for us and that we are extremely thrilled. And for all of those who have walked the path with us, here’s a massive thank-you.

Until the next adventure!

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